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silly people (y)

i miss doing silly things with you guys.. everybody says that we are crazy, and yes we are (y).
with them, by their silliness, i felt like any problem within me was ease.
with them, i don't have to pretend.
with them, i don't have to hide.
with them, i could scream my tears out loud.
God, i miss them
please told them that it just the matter of time, 'cause i miss them like crazy..
i miss the moment that we spend our time together
i miss the moment we search for our identity together
i miss every moment that we've been through together
to be honest, i don't know how to end this post.
'cause for me, we aren't supposed to ended yet
*it's dedicated for my silly friends in #terasontime. couldn't tell you how much i miss you guys :'(

curcol, AGAIN

i don't know how to tell you this felling through words. it's all on my head, i had tried it for several time, but i just can't. talking to you is like a war you know. this mouth kept talking badly to you, but it wasn't the truth. the truth is i love you.
i know it was really impossible, and i don't want to ruin our happiness. i'll keep it as it is now, i don't wanna changed it, really. i'll keep it deep inside my heart. you know, loving you is killing me. never in my life i felt this way before. step back before the war began, and its kinda sad actually. never try something that you always want to, but i wasn't blame you. i'm just too scared of losing you.
everyday, seeing you is happiness and also sorrow. there's a part of me that wanting you, but another part is want to see you from the distance. it has no enough courage to battle with the fear. it was the way i felt it now. really, i wanna say that i love you. really really wanna say it. when we played together, laughed, have some fun, it's killing me. when you hold my hands, i know you have no other purpose, but it still makes my heart wanting you even more.
it's pathetic to see the way i love you now. but what can i say? i can't lie with my own feelings, can i?

do you remember ?

do you remember this picture ?

or this ?


.. oh god, i couldn't tell you how much i miss these pictures so much. but i didn't just miss the pictures, i miss all of them . i miss the wave we played back there in the beach, i miss the sand, i miss the wind, i miss the the sun, the heat, i miss all of you guys . i know that the situation was not the same anymore, less or more some of you has changed . but i didn't blame you, i just wanna tell you how much i miss you. how much i miss all of you . it was so much easier back then, really easy …

Do you remember these ?

Itu foto yang diambil waktu kita baru sampe disana. Kita nyampe jam 2siang, inget ga ? kita dari Jakarta berangkat jam 10-11an, padahal gue berangkat dari rumah jam8 hahaha. Inget ga kita nunggu mobil rental dulu ?? kita nungguin di pombensin videl wakakakak. Terus yang mobil rental acnya dingin, mobil rental yang dinaikin gue, tio, anti, fia sama nabila (and wanto of course) acnya panas parah.dan di tol kita buka jendelanya soalnya ga nahan panasnya, terus yang di mobil satu lagi yang ada cyntia, lona, arden, youri, mahe, fachrul ikutan buka sok-sok goda-godain ngejek kita gitu hahahaha, sumpah lucu banget ya dulu. Pas udah sampe disana kita langsung ganti baju terus capcus ke pantai (dasar apan) hahaha. Kita langsung foto-foto, dan youri lah yang jadi korban disuruh foto-in terus hahha.

Inget ga ? hahaha gue kangen banget loh, gue pingin banget kita pergi lagi sama-sama kayak gitu. Bareng-bareng, ketawa, seneng-seneng. Sumpah gue kangen banget sama kalian.


how about these ?

Hahaha gue sih inget banget foto ini. Ini foto sebelum kejadian gue “free style” hahaha. Kita naik banana boat, dan tiba-tiba ga ada tikungan ga ada apapun gue jatoh. Tapi gara-gara takut ilang di tengah lautan jadinya gue tetep megang talinya, dan alhasil “free style” lah gue dengan terseret-seret banana boat hahahaha tolol banget ya.

Hey hey, what about this picture? Do you remember it ?

Ahahaaha iya ini foto cyntia milala sama youri yang diambil candid gitu sama lona, aih aih seneng gue liatnya. Gue sama lona ga berenti-berenti godain cyntia tentang foto yang satu ini hahahahhaa. You go girl !

Well, sebenernya masih banyak lagi gambar yang mau gue masukin, tapi gue udah ga ngerti lagi mau ngomong apa hehehe. Terlalu banyak kenangan gue sama kalian, ga cuma disini aja. Dan biarpun kita di anyer cuma 1 malem aja, tapi bagi gue itu kenangan seumur hidup, dan pasti ga bakal pernah bisa gue lupain. Ga Cuma karena foto-foto kita yang sebegitu banyaknya di facebook (hahaha) tapi karena kalian udah menjadi bagian dari diri gue. Gue bener-bener pingin pergi lagi bareng kalian, pingin berdua belas asik lagi ! gue ga boong, gue kangen banget sama kalian. I miss you guys, badly !

they were great together

OH GOD LORD ! i don't know why but i just love edward cullen ! don't you think they just made for each other ?

everything about him just invites me in
his voice, his face, even his smell

oh god, i don't have the strength to stay away from him anymore.
he's like my personal brand of heroin.
i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.
he's important.
he's my life now.
where else i'm gonna go ?

*based on twilight hehe

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